71 Bank St., Suite 6,
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1P 5N2

Morgan Dunbar

Graphic Designer

Freelance and Agency life. Print and Digital. Morgan Dunbar is a professional Graphic Designer who has tackled both sides of every design equation and prefers it that way.

Originally trained in print, she then spent years working as a UX/UI designer in a new and growing mobile industry. Learning to master new methods as the industry rapidly changes and grows around her is what keeps her on her toes.

While she spends most days on her computer, living inside the Adobe suite, she always sets aside time to continue creative work with her hands. Woodworking, cosplay, painting, and screen printing – they’re all opportunities to keep her creative mind sharpened.

Morgan truly loves design and believes beyond a job, design is a way of life. She’ll talk your ear off if you bring up that menu design, new company logo, or font you just found.