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Rent ON!

The Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) is Ontario's leading advocate for quality rental housing, representing those who own, manage, build and finance residential rental properties.

In 2016, vacancy rates in Ontario fell to a mere 2.1% (in Toronto, it's as low as 1.3%). In April 2017, the Ontario government introduced new legislation that negatively impacted an already tight rental supply market. As a result, rental units are increasingly becoming more unavailable and more unaffordable.

In partnership with spark*, FRPO capitalized on the opportunity to provide a useful perspective on rental supply and to educate on issues affecting renters. By shining a spotlight on the issue, FRPO has created a much more balanced conversation about the rental supply market and a way forward.

FRPO promotes a simple solution: build more rental units for Ontarians to live in. A healthy supply of true rental apartments—not just condos—will provide quality, affordable housing choice.

The campaign, launched in September 2017 and running through to April 2018, took a multipronged approach, targeting the Ontario Decision Maker Ecosystem on one hand, and the Engaged Public on the other. The campaign tailors creative content to each of the audiences, directing users to http://www.rent-on.ca in order to raise awareness and bolster support for increasing the supply of affordable rental housing for Ontarians.

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our work

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